president kim.

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Sungmin is...
Kyuhyun: Super Junior's best skin (110524, Next Media Interview)
Kyuhyun: good at anything but not particularly good at anything (130116 SJM Music Billboard Interview)
Kyuhyun: has the nicest butt (130307 SJM total entertainment)
Kyuhyun: SJ member who looks the youngest because of his baby face (111011 CulTwo Show )
Kyuhyun: the perfect boyfriend (110423, TV recording China)
kyuhyun: MINE (fanfic)
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Download Donghae’s convo with a cute dog XD

DH: Mong Mong!
DH: Hey look at me!
DH: Look at this!
DH: Sit!
DH: Woooow !!

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[18.05.14] Aggiornamento Twitter MnetWIDE con Donghae (1 foto)
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120713 Donghae Outside of the KBS Building  [credit: Revolve’z]

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kangsungpil: At God’s Quiz filming set with SuJu Donghae~kk My dongsaeng is so cute~~^^
kangsungpil: At the set, i took a pic with Deokhwan. behind in secret Donghae~~~ cute
kangsungpil: God’s Quiz 4 first episode airs tonight at 11 PM KST~

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@donghae861015: God’s Quiz 4 Han Siwoo ^^ instagram.com/p/oIjisxl8Ma/

@donghae861015: Today is the first broadcast ^^ 11PM in OCN with beloved Sungpil hyungnim !! How can he be kind like this ..!!! instagram.com/p/oIjzA4F8Mw/

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140320 KTR - RyeoWook & Hyungsik-ahhhhh pt.2 >.<

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